At-home test and virtual doctor visit

The first FDA-cleared urinary tract infection test with a complimentary doctor's review for same-day results and treatment.

Doctor review and prescription services currently available in California

An accurate, more convenient way to test and treat UTIs


Scanwell kit arrives to your door - ready for when you need it


The diagnostic kit syncs with our app to give you results in 3 minutes


Review results with a board-certified physician within our app


If necessary, our doctors will write you an antibiotic prescription

Say goodbye to Sunday Scaries.

UTIs are almost as common as the common cold. In fact, 1 in 3 women will have a UTI  by the age of 24. Yet, current healthcare options are expensive, lack proper screening tools, or aren't available when you need them most.

Feel better sooner.

We created Scanwell as the first diagnostic enabled at-home UTI screening and doctor assessment app. Our mission is to combine the convenience of virtual visits with the diagnostic accuracy of clinical labs and hospitals - all from the comfort of your home.

Order now, thank us later.

Order a kit today, store it in a safe place, and at the first onset of symptoms, open the app and follow along for same day results & treatment.

It’s that simple.

Prescription service currently available in California


A whole new meaning for smartphone.

Help is on the way!

Nominate your state to be one of the first markets to receive a shortened wait time to recovery.

Doctor review and prescription services currently available in California
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