Diagnose and treat your next UTI from your phone.

Know if you have a urinary tract infection in 2 minutes with our at-home test kits. Get a same-day prescription from our online team of doctors.

No insurance necessary.

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How It Works

1. Test From Anywhere

Our urine test kits screen for key indicators of a UTI. Simply wet the test strip and wait 2 minutes for it to react.

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2. Get Your Results

Our app automatically analyzes your kit using patented colorimetric analysis. Clinical grade results will be ready to view immediately.

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3. Doctor Will Review

You have the option for our team of doctors to review your entire case for $25 and write a prescription, when necessary.

4. Pick Up Medicine

Simply pick up and pay for your antibiotics like you normally would at your local pharmacy.

Put your UTI to the test.

Symptoms only paint part of the picture. Learn more about why testing your urine matters. 

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UTI Test Kits <br> (3 Pack)

UTI Test Kits
(3 Pack)


Includes 3 individual Scanwell UTI Test Kits.

Our FDA-cleared test kits are designed to be used at the first onset of symptoms. When used with the Scanwell app, our results are as accurate as the urinalysis your health care provider would perform in person. 

No waiting rooms, copays, or insurance necessary.

Why a pack of 3? We believe in testing early and often to eliminate both the guessing and waiting game. Having our test kits on-hand can help you receive a diagnosis, begin treatment, and relieve symptoms faster.

Take her word.

Hear firsthand from the women who have trusted Scanwell to get some peace of mind. Nothing is TMI.

Elizabeth, 26

I don't get UTIs often, but I can't even begin to describe the horrible pain once it is too late. Scanwell changed my life - the ability to test early and know that I had one before the symptoms really kicked in was a game changer for me. 

Veronica, 21

I have actually never had a UTI before, so I didn't know what to expect. Scanwell was so easy to use and gave me peace of mind that it wasn't in fact a UTI that was causing my symptoms. 

Leilani, 32

Is it me, or do UTIs come at the absolutely worst times? I cycle a lot, so UTIs can become fairly common. Scanwell has made it so easy to just test to see if I have one, and get a prescription when I do. 

Paige, 22

Scanwell might be the best thing to ever happen to me - my 3 day anxiety after sex of waiting, evaluating, seeing if I have symptoms is gone. 

Tara, 29

I have been having UTIs since I was 14. They are so painful, and I can't always get in to see my doctor. Scanwell's doctor feature makes it so easy to get treatment when I need it. 

Treat yourself right.

Scanwell brings the best of in-person care to wherever you have your smartphone.

FDA cleared urinalysis technology. Available now on iOS 9 and newer.


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