Treat your next UTI from your smartphone.

Find out if you have a UTI in 2 minutes. Get same-day antibiotics.
No insurance necessary.

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How It Works

Scanwell UTI test strip

Test From Anywhere

Experiencing UTI symptoms? As soon as something feels, looks, or smells off — it’s time to test.

Scanwell app provides test results

Get Results In 2 Minutes

Take a picture of your test strip using the Scanwell app. Find out if you have a UTI in 2 minutes.

Doctor consultation happens in the Scanwell app

Begin A Consultation

During your consultation our doctors will review your test and symptoms, and prescribe treatment.

Use Scanwell for same-day antibiotics

Get Antibiotics

Need antibiotics? Our doctors can send a same-day prescription to your local pharmacy.

Feel better sooner.

Scanwell provides the same level of accuracy as seeing a doctor in-person, without the hassle of scheduling to
see one. 

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UTI Self Test Kit
UTI Self Test Kit

UTI Test Kits
(3 Pack)


Includes 3 individual Scanwell UTI Test Kits.

Each kit includes a test strip, color card, and instructions. Our test strips are the same as those used in urgent care, emergency rooms, and hospitals.

Requires Scanwell iOS app to perform test. 

Take their word.

Hear firsthand from the women who have used Scanwell to treat UTIs.

Elizabeth, 26

I don't get UTIs often, but I can't even begin to describe the horrible pain once it is too late. Scanwell changed my life - the ability to test early and know that I had one before the symptoms really kicked in was a game changer for me. 

Veronica, 21

I have actually never had a UTI before, so I didn't know what to expect. Scanwell was so easy to use and gave me peace of mind that it wasn't in fact a UTI that was causing my symptoms. 

Leilani, 32

Is it me, or do UTIs come at the absolutely worst times? I cycle a lot, so UTIs can become fairly common. Scanwell has made it so easy to just test to see if I have one, and get a prescription when I do. 

Paige, 22

Scanwell might be the best thing to ever happen to me - my 3 day anxiety after sex of waiting, evaluating, seeing if I have symptoms is gone. 

Tara, 29

I have been having UTIs since I was 14. They are so painful, and I can't always get in to see my doctor. Scanwell's doctor feature makes it so easy to get treatment when I need it.