How does Scanwell work?
Our approach lets people test from anywhere, skip the waiting room, and get same-day results and treatment.


Pee on a Scanwell test strip

Scan your test with the Scanwell app

Get test results in 2 minutes


Connect to an online doctor's office through the Scanwell app

Securely share your test results, symptoms, and medical history

Get a same-day prescription

In some cases, it is in your best interest to get in-person treatment.

The science behind Scanwell

We combine traditional diagnostics with smartphone technology. Scanwell test strips test for leukocytes and nitrites, which are the two main indicators of a UTI.

In a doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic, the test strip would be read by a urine analyzer. With the Scanwell app, your smartphone becomes the analyzer.

Same test strip used in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and hospitals 

FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use

Provides the same diagnostic accuracy as a urinalysis performed in a clinic

Frequently asked questions

Who can get treatment?

Scanwell partners with an online doctor’s office to provide treatment services for women aged 18 to 60, who are not pregnant, and do not have diabetes.

Due to the online nature of the treatment service, the doctors and nurse practitioners who provide treatment have to be more cautious than if they were seeing you in-person. In some cases, it is in your best interest to get in-person treatment. 

Learn more about why or why not online treatment is appropriate for you here

Does Scanwell take health insurance?

At this time, Scanwell and the treating clinicians we work with do not accept insurance, though we hope to in the future! For now, the only time you can use insurance is at the pharmacy when you pick up your prescription.

When should I use a Scanwell test kit?

Test with Scanwell at the first sign of symptoms. Common symptoms of UTI include:

■ Painful or burning feeling when peeing
■ Cloudy pee
■ Bloody pee
■ Strange-smelling pee

Left untreated, UTIs can lead to more serious infections or health issues. Using Scanwell, you can find out if you have a UTI in 2 minutes and if needed, get connected to same-day treatment.

How much does treatment cost?

After receiving your test results, you will have the option to get treatment from an online doctor's office. The cost to speak with a healthcare provider is $25 (you can think of this like a "copay" for the online appointment).

The cost of antibiotics is not included, and will depend on where you decide to fill and whether you are insured or not. We have found that the cost for antibiotics ranges from $5 to $25.

We also suggest checking out GoodRx before paying for your prescription. GoodRx offers discounts on prescriptions at most major pharmacies.