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The Burning Question

There’s a difference between wondering whether you have a UTI and really knowing it’s time to consult a Scanwell doctor.

If you’ve ever felt that intolerable pain with a constant need to go and immediately googled, “am I dying?” then you're not alone. UTIs are the most common cause of a hospital visit behind the common cold. 

For something that affects such a tiny part of your body, it has the unfortunate power to cause a massive inconvenience, and if left untreated, a serious problem.

Our FDA-cleared test kit is designed to be used at the first onset of symptoms. You'll know if you have signs of a UTI in minutes, with the option to seek same-day treatment, within our app, from our team of doctors.

No waiting rooms, copays, or insurance necessary.

The Burning Question
The Burning Question

Identify early warning signs

Unfortunately, many common conditions can mimic similar symptoms to a UTI. Testing your urine can confirm whether your symptoms are in fact caused by an infection, and help you decide if treatment is actually needed.

Many studies show that using symptoms alone to diagnose a UTI (with no further testing) is only accurate 50% of the time. By combining the results of your urine test with your symptoms and medical history, we’re able to positively predict a UTI over 90% of the time! 

It’s important that you only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary, and we're committed to protecting your immune system for the long run.  

Common UTI Symptoms

Urine can tell a lot more

Although you may be able to tell some things about your health simply by looking at the color of your pee, a urinalysis, a test of your urine, can tell a lot more. Combining both symptoms and urine can help you team up with our doctors to understand our health.

Urine has been used since the ‘50s for diagnosing various diseases. It just hadn’t been available at home with the same accuracy - until now. We ran a clinical study that showed the Scanwell test, which you take at home, gets you the same results as a traditional urine test in the hospital. The FDA agreed.

We are the only UTI testing app approved for over-the-counter use that tests for the two most common indicators in the detection of a UTI.


Leukocytes, or white blood cells, are not usually present in your urine. If our test strip indicates you have leukocytes in your urine - this indicates your body fighting off an infection.


Normal urine contains chemicals called Nitrates. However, when Gram-negative bacteria (including E. coli, which causes the majority of UTI’s) enter the urinary tract, nitrates reduce into a different, similarly named chemical called nitrites.

Therefore, if our test strip indicates there are nitrites present in your urine, this implies that Gram-negative bacteria is presen

Reliable Results

Our technology, which detects the presence of leukocytes & nitrites, was carefully designed to enable your iOS device to replicate the performance and accuracy of clinical urine analyzers.

Nitrite positive

If our test strip detects nitrites in your urine, that is a strong indicator that Gram-negative bacteria is present. However, in rare cases certain urinary conditions (dehydration, consumption of certain drugs containing Azo dyes, etc) can cause false positive results.

Therefore, we always recommend consulting a physician for a comprehensive analysis based on both your test strip results and symptoms before providing treatment.

Leukocyte trace, Nitrite negative

If our test strip detects trace levels of leukocytes in your urine, we recommend testing again the following day for more conclusive results. If you get another trace result or continue to experience symptoms, we recommend consulting a physician.

Leukocyte negative, Nitrite negative

If our test strip does not detect leukocytes or nitrites in your urine and you are not experiencing any urinary symptoms, it is unlikely you have a UTI. However, if you are unsure - test again the following day using first morning urine. Whenever you experience symptoms, we recommend consulting a physician.

If our test strip does not detect leukocytes or nitrites in your urine but you are experiencing urinary symptoms, it is still possible that you have a UTI. There are some rare instances where urinary conditions (such as dehydration) may cause our test strip to not detect leukocytes or nitrites. Therefore, if you are experiencing urinary symptoms, we still recommend consulting a Scanwell doctor.

About Our Testing

Scanwell Test Kit

Our test materials are manufactured in the US at a leading diagnostic laboratory & manufacturer. Each test kit, designed for single time use, contains one (1) test strip and one (1) scan card. The unopened kit has a shelf life of 2 years as long as it is stored in a dry and temperate place.

Scanwell App

The test kit is analyzed with our free iOS app. The FDA has determined our advanced computer vision algorithms have the same accuracy as a clinical analysis, without the need for a trained professional. This removes most of the shortcomings that come with other at-home tests like user error, poor lighting, unclear results, and more.  Requires iOS 9 and newer.