Chronic Kidney Disease Test

At-home test for chronic kidney disease, letting you know early on if you're at risk. Currently available for research use only.

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The CKD Test

Urine sample

Detects albumin and protein

Results in minutes

Available for research use only

The Answers You Need Without Leaving Your Home

Have a Virtual Consultation

Talk to your doctor or our telehealth provider to request a screening test for chronic kidney disease

Take the At-Home Test

Get your test delivered, collect your sample, and scan it with the app. 

Get Results + Treatment

In minutes, know if you’re at risk for CKD and exactly what to do next. 

Make Sense of Your Symptoms

Weight loss and poor appetite

Swollen ankles, feet or hands

Muscle cramping

Tired, low energy, trouble concentrating

Persistent puffiness around eyes

Persistent urge to urinate

Blood or foam in urine

Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)

Dry or itchy skin

Over 30M Americans have CKD.

90% of them are unaware.


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